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Welcome to the home of Object Watershed Link Simulation (OWLS)! It is not easy to understand what does the OWLS mean when you hear that the first time. OWLS is a 3-D, vector-based, physically-based, distributed hydrologic model. It is constructed based on the Object-Orientated concept and has many features that generations of hydrologists have been dreamed of.

Firstly, I suggest you take a look to the examples that the OWLS model produced. There are many exciting graphical outputs and may need your patient for a little wait when the traffic of the internet is busy.

Secondly, I suggest you to visit the new features and major advantages that the OWLS model have over conventional hydrologic model. It will help you understand what the OWLS model can do.

If you like to know more details about the OWLS model, the technical documents is available to be downloaded.

If you like to try the model, there are programs(including application examples) and User's Manual also available. But please note, the model is not quit user-friendly yet. Contact me when you have problems in using this model for your study or application.

Current version of the OWLS model is written in Borland C++ and can be run under MS Window 3.X and Window 95. The hydrologic portion of the model source codes are available to be downloaded as well as all header files for the OWLS model.

One more thing, I am now looking for partners, investors or employers who are interested in further development or application of the OWLS model. I know there is a great potential in application of the OWLS model in the field of watershed related problems. I need funding and assistants to do further development. If you are interested and are able to help, please let me know.

Thanks for your visit!

Wilson Huaisheng Chen

Jan, 1997.

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